April 21, 2009

Intro To Me

Hello Everyone, My Government Is DaVon Emil Binford. I'm Currently 22 Years Old. I Grew Up In Compton So Being Street Smart Was A Must. I'm In College And Majoring In Criminal Justice. My Dream Is To Become A Successful Attorney. I just Started Making Music About A Year Ago And I'm Trying To Blow Up Like A Fat Person With Thyroid Problems. (lol) I'm A Sneakerhead Monster And I Love My Fitted Hats.

  • Sport: Baseball
  • Rapper: Jay-z
  • Superhero: Batman
  • Actor: Denzel Washington
  • Fast Food: Louis Burgers 2
  • Baseball Pro: Ken Griffey Jr.
  • Basketball Pro: Kobe Bryant
  • Football Pro: Terrel Owens
  • Baseball Team: Angels
  • Basketball Team: Lakers
  • Football Team: 49ers

That's All For Now

"I Am Legend"