June 29, 2009

R.I.P. Billy Mays!


The Advertising World Lost One Of The Greats, And The Bearded World Lost One Of The Greats. Damn! There Will Be Nomore "Billy Mays Here". I Guess The Shamwow Guy Has A Big Beard To Fill!!

Moonwalk In Peace!!

For Forty Years The World Got To Witness Greatness. Micheal Jackson Is The Greatest Entertainer Ever. His Videos Were Like Feature Films. Who Do You Know That Has A Music Video Shut Down Primetime Television? Micheal Was The Only Man I Know That Can Rock High Water Pants And Pull It Off. He Was Wearing Skinny Jeans Way Before The Jerkers. If You Don't Believe Me Go Check Out That Thriller Video Red Denim For The Win. All Bullshit Aside, All Court Cases Aside, And All Plastic Surgeries Aside Micheal Was The Greatest. My Favorite Micheal Jackson Album Was Bad When He Was Light-Skinned And Had The Curl On Point.

I Remember When I First Saw The Smooth Criminal Video It's So Epic. Micheal's Swag Was So Potent. I can't Tell You How Many Times I Tried To Learn All The Dance Moves, Or How Many Halloweens Went By Where I Asked My Mom For A White Suit With A White Hat And The Penny Loafers. (lol) My Favorite part Of The Video Was "THE LEAN" That Was So Classic I Fell Face First A Thousand Times Trying To Perfect It Like Micheal. Lets Just Say It Never Happened.


I Also Remember The Countless Hours As A Kid I Spent In Front Of The Television With Micheal Jackson's Moonwalker Video Game For The Sega Genisis. That Has To Be My Favorite Game I Had For My Sega. The Frustration I had From Not Being Able To Get Pass The Last Level Was Ridiculous. There Wasn't Any Memory Cards So I Couldn't Just Go Right Back To The Final Level I Had To Start From The Very Beginning, But Through All That It Was Still My Favorite Sega Game


Micheal Jackson
The King Of Pop

If He Ain't Better Than Jordan he's The Closest One!


Now I've Been A Fan Of Kobe Since He Came Into The League With That Peanut Head And That Boyish Grin. I Have Watched Kobe Go From Airballing Three Pointers In The Playoffs To The Black Mamba. It Definitely Has Been A Long Road As a Fan. I have Had Constant Arguements about Lebron, Allen Iverson, And Tracy McGrady None Of Which Come Close To Kobe On Any Level. Now Kobe Has FOUR Nba Championships And Will Get Two More To Catch Jordan And Maybe Even Three To Surpass Jordan. Kobe's Focus, Dedication, And Drive Is Unlike Any Other Player In the Nba.

Do I Smell Another 3-Peat?!!!

Holla @ Cha Boy!!