August 5, 2009



Now the man in the picture with me is my cousin Deonte McReynolds, but he is more like a brother. We grew up together, got into trouble together, chase girls together, and went through ups and down together. Now we always talked about getting "ON". His dream was to be a firefighter and mine was to be a lawyer.Now when we were in high school i watched him dedicate his life and most important his weekends to the firefighter explorer program. Now he is 21 and a full-time firefighter with the Compton fire department. He is "ON". Now its up to me and when things get tough and I think about giving up I just think about us on one of his 4-day layoffs me leaving the office early and meeting up at the golf course to play a good 18 holes of golf. Hell Yeah we going to be "ON". He is "ON" and just waiting for me to get "ON" and after that GUESS WHAT??? WE "ON"
From the time we were tadpoles we had dreams of getting "ON". Now those dreams are coming full circle.


My nigga Tay "ON". He might be younger but i look up to that nigga with good reasoning cause that nigga is "ON".

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