August 5, 2009

A NIght At The Club

So last Thursday my cousin, some of his friends, and I went to club element in Hollywood. All in all the night was fun there were just a few things that annoyed me through out the night. Before I go in on this subject I know that in this day in age there are a whole bunch of trend followers and not that many trend setters, and that I said I was never going to wear skinny jeans before Jay-Z said "I can't wear skinny jeans cuz my knots don't fit." Ok now that that's out of the way time to go in. First my cousin uses his firefighter badge to get us in the front of the line ,which was cool, so we are like some of the first people in the club and there are guys dancing and getting it in but this one guy in particular just got on my fucking nerves. He was wearing the well known skinny jeans, but thats not what annoyed me. First it was the fact that he had on this little ass shirt that exposed his underwear. Like What the fuck nobody wants to see our fucking underwear that's so annoying. It's 2009 and niggas are still out here sagging pass they ass. when is that going to go out of style. You niggas look like clowns straight up and that's really not fresh at all.

Photo Credited to my nigga DEDAN!

Second there were a lot of people in the club, but they were guys in there jerkin' and trying to be all hard and rep their gangs that shit is comedy to me because, and again I'm like what the fuck because like Jay-z Said "Y'ALL GO TO PARTIES TO ICE GRILL, I GO TO PARTIES TO PARTY WITH NICE GIRLS." And I didn't have to be 30 years old to know that.

p.s. I really appreciate a good pat down before I go in the club, because I know that if something pops off then there I wouldn't have to worry about a weapon. The person only has their hands to fight with, and that's how we see how tough these niggas really are.

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