July 14, 2009

Musical Genius

Ever since Mr. West came in the game I've been a fan. Through all the criticism and ridicule I felt like people lost track of what's most important the fucking music. Now from walking with Jesus to heartbreak it has been a long run. Now Kanye is shitting on other niggas tracks. He had the best verse on the lollipop remix, he obviously out shined Rick Ross and Weezy in maybach music 2 and I can go on and on but I don't have time for all that. I realized Kanye was a fucking genius when he drop his latest Lp 808's & Heartbreak. That shit was so raw because it was like we were going through the same things and it made it the perfect time to get heartbroken as crazy as that sounds. Now I tell my niggas to bang that 808's but they look at me like I'm stupid so instead of beating them over the head I just say listen to it when you're heartbroken and then you'll understand the pure brilliance of that album. From the tight ass leisure suits to the shag mullet I understand heartbreak can make you do some crazy shit. Kanye let his heart out on 12 tracks to give niggas like me a soundtrack to my own personal heartbreak. Mr. West has to be the BEST

If you haven't heard it then you slacking just go cop it and let the greatness penetrate your eardrums.

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